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Dynaserv DR5000

Direct Drive Brushless Servo Systems

The Dynaserv DR5000 Series is a high power direct drive system that is based on the design of the DR Series. The DR5000 Series is capable of approximately 2-3 times the speed of the DR series while delivering comparable torque. Each DR5000 System comes complete with motor, integral resolver, and a microprocessor based drive.

The DR5000 Series can be operated in either position, velocity, or torque mode. In position mode the DR5000 accepts Step and Direction Input, making it compatible with all Compumotor Controllers. For operation with a servo controller the drive accepts a 10V signal representing velocity, or 8V for torque. A pseudo-encoder output is available from the drive, eliminating the need for additional feedback devices.

The DR5000 series motor is brushless and gearless, allowing for a long, maintenance free life. The cross roller bearing design can support up to 4 tons of compression load and 296 ft-lb of overhung load. The hole in motor center is up to 6"in diameter, simplifying system cabling.

The DR5000 incorporates an I-PD algorithm that delivers high performance closed loop control. The velocity loop is analog for a very high bandwidth. The digital position loop simplifies position control and maximizes system accuracy. A built-in test mode is available for convenient and efficient tuning.

The DR5000 drive is fully protected against open and short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overtemperature. A single character front panel display puts status and diagnostic information at your fingertips.


  • Brushless direct drive motor
  • Up to 3 kW output
  • 4 models available in 6-or 10-inch diameter
  • Resolver feedback
  • Torques to 370 lb-ft (500Nm)
  • Resolutions to 425, 984 steps/rev
  • Supports 4 tons compression load
  • Microprocessor control of I-PD Algorithm
  • Analog velocity loop/digital position loop
  • Built-in test mode for easy tuning
  • Diagnostic display
  • Step and direction input for position control
  • 10V input for velocity control
  • 8V input for torque control
  • Gain settings can be changed on the fly


  • Compumotor Controllers
    The Dynaserv is compatible with all Compumotor controllers.
  • Bases
    Mounting bases to simplify mounting to a flat surface (DR-B Series only).
  • Dynamic Braking
    Capacitor type or Speed-switching type for each motor size.
  • Precision Machining
    Axial and radial run-out of 0.02 mm is available on the DR5000 Series.Standard axial and radial run-out for all motors is 0.1 mm.
  • Mechanical Braking
    Most motors can be ordered with mechanical brakes for power down, or emergency use.
  • DR5000B Series only: line filters for CE installations. Line filters for CE installations (DR5000B only).
  • Interface cables for use with Compumotor's 6K and 6000 Series controllers.

* EMC with proper filter and intallation procedures. DR5000 only.

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