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The Gemini GV Digital Servo Drive

The Gemini GV is a compact, low-cost, digital servo drive available in five power levels for producing up to 20 Amps continuous and 50 Amps peak current, or up to 14.7 kW of peak power. The Gemini GV is easily configurable via RS232/485 using Compumotor’s Motion Planner TM on a PC, or Pocket Motion Planner TM on a Window’s CE-based palm PC. With the available power levels, small package size, low cost, and numerous drive features, the Gemini GV will be the obvious choice for all of your low-to-mid power servo drive applications.

Simplified Tuning/Configuration

Tuning and configuration are easy. They are accomplished via RS232/485 with a PC or palm PC. Only the motor and some basic load information must be known by the drive to deter-mine baseline-tuning gains. These are simple parameter entries the user can complete with the help of the front-end software tools. Users also have the ability to override these parameters for special application requirements.



  • Provides five power ranges for up to 5.9 kW of continuous power
  • Torque, velocity, step & direction (cw/ccw), and encoder tracking modes available
  • Digital notch filters provide the tools to eliminate
  • Sinusoidal commutation with encoder feedback
  • Simplified tuning and configuration
  • Variable resolution for the encoder out as well as the command input
  • Wide range of PWM frequencies for linear motor support


  • Short circuit protection -- phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground
  • Brownout protection -- if AC drops below 85 VAC
  • Over temperature -- shutdown occurs at ambient 131F (55C)


  • A wide selection of brushless servo motors are available from Compumotor including: the SM Series, NeoMetric, and J Series motors.
    A family of Linear Motors is also available.
  • Three input power ranges available; low: 120V, universal: 120/240V, and high: 240V
  • Diagnostic LEDs for drive status, firmware download, and optional keep alive mode

Gemini Family Features

  • 24V Keep Alive (not required) -- keeps logic alive if AC power is removed
  • Error Log -- records 10 most recent errors with time stamp
  • Approvals: UL Recognition, cUL, CE (LVD), and CE (EMC)
  • Configurable via RS232/485 using Compumotor’s Motion Planner TM on a PC or Pocket Motion Planner TM on a Windows CE-based Palm PC

    When Do I Need to use Servo Motor Technology?

      Applications with...

      • Very high accelerations
      • Mechanical resonance
      • Immediate feedback requirements
      • Speeds over 50 revs/sec
      • Dynamic load conditions

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