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These twins won't keep you up at night...
Gemini Series Table of Contents:
The Gemini Series

Closing the Loop Between Servo and Stepper Technology, Compumotor Announces Gemini: A family of compact digital drives and drive/controllers perfect for your servo and stepper application needs.

Low-to-mid power servo applications can now be solved with the Gemini GV, the GV6 or the GV6K. They all offer drive features such as digital tuning, digital notch filters, and up to 14.7 kW of peak power. The Gemini GV6 goes one step further and offers basic motion control features such as programmable motion profiles, sequencing, registration, conditional statements, and I/O. In addition to all the control features of the Gemini drive/controller, the GV6K (servo) offers the 6K's Ethernet connectivity, expandable I/O, multitasking, and enhanced position following. The packages comes complete with our wizards-based Motion PlannerTM software, a graphical programming language that drastically reduces the amount of time the end-user will be required to spend setting up the GV6K.

In addition to the high-performance servo systems, the Gemini family also includes the highest performing stepper drive systems in the industry today. The Gemini GT, GT6, and GT6K have performance enhancing features such as Encoderless Stall DetectTM, ABS dampingTM, and up to 8 Amps of continuous current. The Gemini GT6 also offers basic motion control such as programmable motion, sequencing, registration, conditional statements, and I/O. A stepper drive with built-in 6K Controller, the GT6K offers all the digital drive features of the Gemini GT6 stepper drive as well as the 6K's Ethernet connectivity, expandable I/O, multitasking and enhanced position following. As with the GV6K, the GT6K comes complete with our wizards-based Motion PlannerTM software to drastically reduce programming time. Since the Gemini GT (stepper) and Gemini GV (servo) have equivalent interface, connectivity, and controller options, the Gemini allows an unprecedented opportunity to mix and match servo and stepper technology.

Let the Gemini family solve your application and you will always be able to apply the appropriate motor technology for each axis of motion. The Gemini GT offers an easy upgrade path to the GV if the needs of your application change. Each member of the Gemini family is configurable/programmable via RS-232/485 using Compumotorís Motion PlannerTM on a PC or Pocket Motion PlannerTM on a palm PC. You need to look no further. The Gemini offers all of the power levels, connectivity, performance features, and control levels to solve all of your motion control needs.

Gemini Family Features

  • 24V Keep Alive (not required on the GV(6) or GT(6))
    Used to maintain power to the control circuitry in the event of AC power loss.
    24VDC is required for the Gem6K's controller board.
  • Standards
    UL Recognition, cUL, CE for LVD, and CE for EMC.
  • Error Log
    Records the 10 most recent errors with time stamp.
  • RS-232/485
    Configuration on a PC or a WindowsTM CE-based Palm PC.

Gemini GV, GV6, & GV6K Servo Motor Control Features

  • Simplified Tuning & Configuration
    It can be as simple as entering in your load and motor parameters.
  • Digital Notch Filters
  • Sinusoidal Commutation
Gemini GT & GT6 Stepper Motor Control Features
  • Encoderless Stall DetectTM (patent pending)
    Remove the encoder from your application and still detect a stall.
  • Active DampingTM (patented)
  • Electronic ViscosityTM (patent pending)
  • ABS DampingTM (patent pending)
  • Variable Resolution
  • Analog Velocity Command Input

Gemini GV6, GT6, & GT6K Motion Control Features

  • Program Storage and Sequencing
  • Registration
  • Motion Profiling
  • Conditional Statements
  • S-curve Velocity Profiling
  • 8 Inputs and 6 Outputs
  • Field Bus and Motion Bus Compatibility

Gemini GV6K and GT6K Motion Control Features

  • Program Storage and Sequencing
  • Registration
  • Motion Profiling
  • Conditional Statements
  • S-curve Velocity Profiling
  • 8 Inputs and 6 Outputs
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Expandable I/O
  • Multitasking
  • Enhanced Position Following
  • Motion Planner with wizard-based program development
Gemini offers several connectivity options to field and motion buses including ethernet and Profibus.

Members of the Gemini Family

  • Gemini GV - Digital Servo Drive
  • Gemini GV6 - Digital Servo Controller/Drive
  • Gemini GV6K - Digital Servo Controller/Drive
  • Gemini GT - Digital Stepper Drive
  • Gemini GT6 - Digital Stepper Controller/Drive
  • Gemini GT6K - Digital Stepper Controller/Drive

Motion Planner, Active Damping, Electronic Viscosity, and ABS Damping are registered trademarks of Parker Hannifin Corporation, Compumotor Division. Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. LabVIEW is a registered trademark of National Instruments Corporation. All others are trademarks of their respective companies.

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