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Step and Direction Controllers

AT6200/AT6400 Step & Direction Controllers

Two and Four Axes of Bus-Based Step & Direction Control

The AT6200 and AT6400 are two-axis and four-axis step and direction controllers designed to be inserted into a single open ISA expansion slot. They provide sophisticated control of any Compumotor step motor or digital servo or any standard step motor or digital step and direction servo system. In addition to the controller, a separate auxilliary board simplifies connections with encoders, motor drives, joystick, limits, and programmable I/O.

The AT6200 and AT6400 come standard with Motion Architect TM support software for Microsoft Windows. Motion Architect TM allows easy creation and implementation of motion programs. DLLs are provided for Microsoft Windows TM and Microsoft Windows TM NT development. The AT6200 and AT6400 use the proven 6000 Series command language. The 6000 command language is powerful enough to solve the most complex applications yet its basic-like structure will not overwhelm a novice programmer.



  • 1 to 4 axes of step motor or digital step and direction servo control
  • Incremental encoder feedback
  • 1.6 MHz maximum step output frequency


  • Home, positive and negative end-of-travel limits per axis
  • 24 programmable inputs and 24 programmable outputs
  • Dedicated trigger interrupts provide high-speed position capture and registration capability to +/-1 encoder count at maximum frequency
  • Drive enable relay outputs
  • Drive fault inputs


  • Soft operating system for 6000 Series command language
  • Multi-axis teach capability using data arrays
  • Position-based following
  • Cam profiling
  • 2 to 3-axis linear interpolation
  • 2-axis circular interpolation with proportional or tangential control of a third axis
  • Compiled motion for shorter move execution times
  • Trapezoidal motion profiles
  • Numeric, binary and string variable storage
  • User-configurable error condition interrupts
  • Program debug tools -- trace mode, step mode and break points
  • 1500K of RAM for program storage and path storage
  • Stall detection for step motors

Software Provided

  • Motion Architect TM for Windows TM programming environment
  • DLL (Dynamic Link Libraries) for Windows TM and Windows TM -NT software development in Visual C++ and Visual Basic TM

Optional Software

  • CompuCAM for CAD-to-motion
  • Motion OCX Toolkit to create Microsoft Visual Basic TM controls
  • Motion Toolbox TM provides an extensive library of VIs for LabVIEW
  • DDE Server provides data exchange with DDE capable applications
  • Motion Builder TM for graphical programming and fast application development

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