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6K Table of Contents:

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    Universal Motion Controller Compumotorís revolutionary 6K Controller is an embedded motion controller or stand-alone motion controller built into one convenient package. The 6K is a multi-axis motion controller capable of solving basic to complex motion control applications including: pick-and-place, packaging, following, cam profiling and hundreds of others. The 6K utilizes Ethernet communications to allow high speed connections to many different products such as PLCs, HMIs, I/O modules and vision systems. Wizards
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    The 6K comes with Compumotorís latest software interface, Motion Planner TM , to allow for seamless integration and quick setup of the 6K. Motion Planner TM utilizes programming wizards to take the chore out of repetitive programming tasks and a SmartEditor TM to virtually eliminate debug time. ServoTuner TM , a graphical tuning tool, and PanelMaker TM , a VB Script interface, are also included with Motion Planner TM.

    Universal Connectivity

    6K Ad The 6K is truly universal, providing industry standard +/- 10V or step-and-direction output, it is capable of controlling any combination of steppers and servos from 1 to 8 axes. With its Ethernet capability, the 6K offers a flexible communication scheme compatible with hundreds of Ethernet devices on the market. From HMIs and PLCs to industrial I/O and vision systems, the 6K can connect to them all. Ethernet is a vendor neutral industry accepted communication protocol and it is very inexpensive to implement. The addition of fieldbus options (6K Profibus-DP and 6K Interbus-S) offer connectivity to PLCs and PCs using industry standard protocols and hardware.


    Every 6K Controller has a programmable IP address so single or multiple 6Kís can be easily networked in an Ethernet LAN. TCP/IP protocol allows reliable transmission of data across your network. Ethernet devices such as hubs allow multiple controllers to be linked onto a single LAN. With the addition of more sophisticated equipment, complex factory networks incorporating motion control are possible, allowing easier troubleshooting and wider access to the controller.

    Flexibility and Expandability

    Expansion I/O and an optional synchronization bus allow the 6K to expand with your application. The EVM32 expansion I/O module allows easy configuration of digital I/O, analog I/O, and relay points in addition to the already extensive amount of standard 6K I/O. With the synchronization bus option, the 6K can share information with an additional 7 controllers. This allows up to 64 axes to be synchronized on a high speed serial connection.


    The 6K is built on the solid platform of Compumotorís 6000 Programming Language. With powerful features such as; cam following, multitasking, PLC Scan Mode, PLS (Programmable Limit Switch) functionality, contouring, and teach mode, the 6K can handle the most demanding of applications. Yet the 6K language is simple and easy to use, incorporating basic like structures so the novice programmer is not overwhelmed.

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