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Fully Integrated Controller and Brushless Servo Drives For High Volume Applications

The OEM770X is designed for the needs of OEMs and high-volume users with a fractional horsepower motion control application. Compumotorís OEM770X fully integrated servo systems combine the power, compact packaging, and reliability of the OEM770T torque servo amplifier with a simple, programmable, built-in, RS232C based servo controller. Users can program seven sequences and have five programmable inputs and two programmable outputs per unit.

The OEM770X is ideal for less demanding motion control applications such as rotary indexing, step-and-repeat, and linear positioning. The "X" version is a cost-effective, single-axis servo system to meet your high-volume application needs.



  • Servo controller and drive in one small package
  • Standard RS-232C serial communications interface
  • Optional 2 kBytes of battery-backed RAM to store up to 7 command sequences (-M2 option)
  • Daisy chaining up to 256 units on one serial port
  • Five configurable inputs for remote sequence select, trigger, and home limit, and two dedicated limit inputs.
  • Two programmable outputs for machine interaction
  • Operates with standard differential, optical encoder for velocity and position feedback
  • PID control algorithm used for servo tuning
  • Several AC Brushless Servo motors are available from Compumotor providing up to 190 oz-in continous and 570 oz-in peak torque


  • Short circuit protected: phase-to-phase, and phase-to-ground
  • Overvoltage circuitry protects the drive from large inertial loads
  • Status/fault LED indicators to confirm proper operation
  • Enclosed packaging reduces danger of environmental contamination
  • Overtemperature circuitry protects the drive from excess heat


  • Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and surface mount technology minimize product footprint, overall package size, and increase product reliability
  • Removable snap-on molded cover for convenient configu-ration and protection against contaminants
  • Heat is dissipated through the mounting surface
  • Install with only two screws (also provides grounding and captivates cover)
  • Universally available standard 25-pin D connector
  • Right-angle screw terminal allows side-to-side mounting, or Eurorack compatibility
  • Overall dimension 5.0 x 3.6 x 1.6 in (127 x 9 x 41 mm)


  • Provides 6 amps continuous current and 12 amps peak current
  • Single 24-75 VDC power supply input

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