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2-Axis Indexer

Compumotor’s 6200 motion controller is a stand-alone indexer for standard industrial step and direction motor drives. The 6200 can synchronize two axes of motion. Incremental encoder feedback on both axes enables the indexer to detect stalls, verify position, and correct for positioning errors generated by inaccurate mechanical transmissions.

Like all of Compumotor's 6000 Series controllers, the 6200 uses the 6000 Series command language—a powerful command language that is flexible enough to implement complex motion control applications, and simple enough for the novice programmer.

Included with every 6200 is Motion Architect, an intuitive Microsoft® Windows™-based programming tool that includes a Program Editor, a Terminal Emulator, and On-line Help utilities, plus three innovative application development aides:

  • A System Configurator that automatically generates fully documented code for application-setup parameters
  • A test panel to create custom operator test panels to run programs and check the activity of I/O, motion, system status, etc.
  • An On-line Command Reference that provides interactive access to the contents of the 6000 Series Software Reference Guide.

The 6200 can interface with Compumotor's remote operator interface, the RP240 (detailed on page C119). The 6200 programming language allows the user to display text and numeric information on the RP240. Other RP240 features include programmable function keys, numeric data entry, user program selection, LED control, and jogging. A sophisticated operator interface can be easily programmed with just a few commands.



  • 1 or 2 axes of step and direction control with encoder feedback
  • 1.6 MHz step output frequency I/O
  • Home limit, positive and negative end-of-travel limits for both axes
  • 24 programmable inputs, 24 programmable outputs
  • 2 interrupt-driven inputs for encoder capture and registration
  • 2 auxiliary screw terminal outputs
  • 3 analog inputs that can be used for joystick or feed-rate override control
  • Encoder channels can be configured as hardware up/down counters
  • Linear interpolation standard
  • Circular interpolation optional
  • Position-based following
  • Variable storage, conditional branching, and math capability
  • Scaling of distance, velocity and acceleration parameters
  • Capability to interrupt program on error conditions
  • Program debug tools—trace mode, break points, and simulation of I/O
  • Programmable timer
  • 150,000 bytes of nonvolatile memory for program and path storage
Software Provided
  • Motion Architect, Microsoft Windows-based application development software
  • DOS®-based program editor and terminal emulator software
  • Dynamic Link Library (DLL) provided for use with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Windows NT software development kits Optional Software
  • CompuCAM™, computer-aided motion software, imports geometry from CAD programs, plotter files, or NC programs and generates 6000
Series code
  • Motion Toolbox library of LabVIEW® virtual instruments (VIs) for icon-based programming of Compumotor’s 6000 Series controllers
  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) server available allowing data exchange between different Windows software applications
  • Motion Builder provides a visual-development environment for graphical icon-based programing of the 6000 Series product
Interface Capability
  • Operates stand-alone or interfaces to PCs & PLCs
  • Two RS-232C communications ports
  • Compatible with RP240 operator interface panel
  • Stand-alone package
  • 120-240VAC operation
  • Two 10-foot indexer-to-drive cables included
  • Power cable included

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