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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

Enjoy Reduced Time to Market & Better R.O.I. with Parker Engineered Custom Motion Axes

We create engineered solutions to fit many different application needs. Why do this? Simple - We value your time and money. Through collaboration with our engineering team, your motion solution becomes an ideal mix of standard components and engineered solutions without unneeded features or added costs associated with them. This collaboration will save you precious engineering time and reduce your overall system costs. By partnering with Parker you can free up as much as 25% of your engineering time and see as much as a 5-10% increase in your R.O.I.

Environmental Modifications

  • Vacuum rated (10-7 torr)
  • Low luster
  • Low electrostatic discharge
  • Clean room (down to class 1)
  • Radiation
  • Food grade
  • IP65 rated

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Custom Modifications

  • Extra tooling holes
  • Machining/Integrating tool plates
  • Custom motor mount designs
  • Counter balance designs
  • Granite, steel, and structural aluminum base designs

Application Capabilities

  • 1 micron accuracies
  • Sub micron repeatabilities
  • Low velocity ripple (Scanning/Imaging)
  • Speeds above 200 in/s
  • Payloads above 2 tons (4000+ lbs)
  • Travel/Stroke lengths above 60 feet

Custom Designs

  • Integrated linear/rotary designs
  • Custom 24VDC designs
  • Miniature motion designs
  • Counterbalance belt drive designs
  • Low cost belt drive designs
  • Extreme force capacities
  • Long travel and integrated designs

Enjoy the power of Parker

Whether you need a fully-engineered precision motion system or a complete selection of fast, powerful and precise motion components to integrate into your own motion system, our products enable your technology and increase your throughput using precise and coordinated speed.

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