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Using the Package Manager in PAM

Advanced users of the PAC may want to install third-party packages into PAM to extend its functionality. For instance, many users have found the open-source OSCAT package to be useful in solving applications that need FIFO function blocks and random number generators.

Packages are installed through the Package Manager in PAM. One important fact about the Package Manager in PAM 1.3.0 is that it requires users to run PAM as an Administrator in order to install new packages. If the user does not run as an Administrator, the Package Manager may crash and fail to install the package.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Double-clicking a package file from the Desktop will not run the Package Manager properly and may cause PAM to destabilize. Only install packages using the procedure outlined below.

Using the Package Manager

  1. Close any open instances of PAM. On the Desktop, right-click on PAM's shortcut and click Run as Administrator.

  2. When the security dialog appears, click Yes. Note that you will need Administrator privileges to do this.

  3. When PAM finishes loading, click Tools > Package Manager.

  4. In the Package Manager, you can Install or Uninstall packages as well as view the packages you currently have installed. In addition, you can check for updates to packages you have installed and view licensing information for them. Some packages require a purchased license in order to use them and will not operate without one.

    To install a license, click Install. Navigate to the package you would like to install and click Open. You will then need to follow a series of installation screens that may vary from package to package. You should consult the author of your package if you have questions about the package's EULA or features.

  5. After the Package Manager informs you that the package was installed successfully, you should restart PAM before attempting to use it.

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