Parker Hannifin
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Simulating a PAM project on a development PC

In the Devices panel, right click the device (located near the top and labeled PAC320-XXX-XXX-XX) and select "Simulation" from the context menu.

Configure the EtherCAT_Master task so that the clock is set to "Cyclic".  The clock must be set to Cyclic for simulation because consumer PCs do not support the External option.  Before trying to run the program on an actual PAC, be sure to change this back to External.

Note that many of the operations that handle files will not work in Simulation mode.  This includes recipes.

In addition, only virtual axes can be simulated.  Axes attached to drive devices (like a P Drive or a Compax3) cannot be simulated.  Virtual axes can be used to verify correct motion in simulation before transitioning the axes to real axes.

Daniel Cliffe

Applications Engineer

19 January 2016 | Updated 21 January 2016