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How to fix crashes on the Simulator (Codesys SoftMotion Win V3)?

Crashes of the Simulator (Codesys SoftMotiron Win V3) is usually caused by the application running in the Simulator.  Closing and restarting the Simulator will automatically run the application in the simulator the same way that cycling power on the PAC will automatically run the application in the PAC.

With the PAC, a flashback would be necessary to fix this condition.  For the Simulator, we can just delete the application thus preventing it from running.

1.  First close the Codesys SoftMotion Win V3 command dialog

2.  Open File Explorer and go to :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Parker Hannifin\ParkerAutomationManager\GatewayPLC\SoftMotion for 64 bit versions of Windows or

C:\Program Files\Parker Hannifin\ParkerAutomationManager\GatewayPLC\SoftMotion for 32 bit versions of Windows

3. Delete the 2 files .app and .crc

By default the application_name is Application so the two files that are to be deleted would be and Application.crc

4. Restart the Codesys SoftMotion Win V3