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How do I reset an AC10 back to factory defaults?

You cannot reset ALL of the parameters to factory default.


  1. Navigate to F160 on the keypad
    1. Press [M] to display F100
    2. Press [O] to illuminate DGT
    3. Press [DN] to navigate to F160
    4. Press [E] to enter parameter
  2. Set F160 to 1 for Factory Default reset
    1. Press [O] to toggle between digits
    2. Set value to 1
    3. Press [E] to enter/escape back to last level
    4. Press [M] to back out to top menu
  3. The following parameters will NOT be changed:
Function Code Function Definition Manufacturer Default Value
F102 Inverter Rated Current (A) Subject to Model
F103 Inverter Power (kW) Subject to Model
F632 Target voltage of VDC adjustor (V) Subject to Model
F650 High-frequency performance 2
F651 Switchover frequency 1 100
F652 Switchover frequency 2 95
F724 Input Phase Loss 1
F726 Overheat 1
F727 Output Phase Loss 0
F732 Voltage Threshold of Under-voltage Protection Subject to Model
F742 Threshold of Analog Disconnected Protection (%) 50
F745 Threshold of Pre-alarm Overheat (%) 80
F801 Rated Power
F802 Rated Voltage
F803 Rated Current
F804 Number of Motor Poles 4
F805 Rated Rotary Speed
F806 Stator Resistance (ohms) Subject to Model
F807 Rotor Resistance (ohms) Subject to Model
F808 Leakage Inductance (mH) Subject to Model
F809 Mutual Inductance (mH) Subject to Model
F810 Motor Rated Frequency 50
F813 Rotary Speed Loop KP1 0.3
F814 Rotary Speed Loop KI1 Subject to Model
F815 Rotary Speed Loop KP2 Subject to Model
F816 Rotary Speed Loop KI2 Subject to Model
F870 PMSM Back Electromotive Force (mV/rpm) Subject to Model
F871 PMSM D-axis Inductance (mH) Subject to Model
F872 PMSM Q-axis Inductance (mH) Subject to Model
F873 PMSM Stator Resistance (ohms) Subject to Model
F901 Communications Mode 1

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