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Upgrading from a PA to a PA2

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    The PA2 series of Powerstations is the replacement for most of the older series of CTC Powerstations such as PA, P15/P2x/P3x/P4x/P5x/PS10. The PA2 is designed as a drop-in replacement for the PA series with the differences outlined below.

    Display: All PA2 models include TFT Displays, where some of the PA (PA05S, PA06S, PA08S) had STN displays. TFT displays utilize active matrix technology and feature transistors on every pixel. Color STN (CSTN) is a passive matrix graphic LCD with a color filter. It only has one transistor per each pixel row and column and features a lower refresh rate than TFTs.
    TFT displays offer wider viewing angles, brighter backlights and longer bulb life.

    5 inch model:  The PA series offered a 5 inch screen size, part number PA05-133. The PA2 family does not include a 5 inch version, however the 6" display PA206-133 fits the same cutout and has the same bezel size.

    Cutouts: Cutouts are slightly Different... But ALL PA2s will fit in existing PA mounting with no adjustments. Note that PA2 units are slightly deeper, up to to a maximum of 0.75 inches.  PA2 Dimensions    PA Dimensions

    CPU: PA2 include AMD LX700 clocked at 433 MHz vs  133MHz X86 CPU for the PA. Benchmark testing shows a nearly 5X  improvement  with PA2 over the PA.

    Keyboard/Mouse: PA2 has 2 USB ports vs. PS/2 style connections in the PA 

    Compact Flash: 512Mb flash cards are standard on the PA2 compared with 256Mb on the PA.


    • PA2 units are pre-loaded with (and require) Interact7 runtime.
    • ALL optional runtime modules are included with every PA2. With older versions of Powerstations like the PA, runtime modules were selected with additional cost to the hardware.
    • PA2s can run projects developed in older versions of Interact, but must first be upgraded using Interact 7 Development software (sold separately). See here for upgrade/transfer instructions.
    • Interact 7 Development software Part numbers:

    Model # Description
    MSP-7NA0-P Interact7 Development (new user)
    IUP-6070-6 Interact Development Upgrade to 7.X from 6.X
    IUP-6070-5 Interact Development Upgrade to 7.X from 5.X


    Part Numbers

    PA Replaced By PA2
    PA05S-133   PA206Q-133
    PA06S-133   PA206Q-133
    PA08S-133   PA208T-133
    PA08T-133   PA208T-133
    PA10T-133   PA210T-133
    PA15T-133   PA215T-133
    PA05S-135   PA206Q-135
    PA06S-135   PA206Q-135
    PA08S-135   PA208T-135
    PA08T-135   PA208T-135
    PA10T-135   PA210T-135
    PA15T-135   PA215T-135

    PA Model Number Configurations


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