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Meaning of the Status LEDs

The Aries drive has two bi-color LEDs. The LED on the left displays yellow or green colors; The LED on the right displays red or green colors. The following tables describe LED illumination states and the conditions they indicate:


Power On Sequence:

1. The right led will be Red (left off)

2. Left LED will be Yellow during the boot load (right off).

3. Then it'll go to the Normal operation LEDs.


If the Aries has not been configured for the motor: the Aries drive will be in Other Fault - Yellow & 4 Green (flashing), Red.

PLEASE NOTE: Some versions of the Aries Drive Quick Reference Guide may incorrectly state that that the left LED status of Yellow and 4 Green (flashing) as a Low Voltage Fault..

If your drive status does indicate Other Fault: then connect a communication cable to the drive and query the drive for the actual error with the ERROR command or look in the status panel of the Aries Support Tool  software.


This related FAQ shows how to connect to an Aries drive and the Aries Support Tool (AST) software:

VIDEO: How to Configure Aries Servo Drives


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