Parker Hannifin
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Why won't my AC10 inverter run my motor?

  1. Have you verified the wiring connections?
  2. Is F208 set for the correct START/STOP function?
  3. Is External Coast Stop TRUE?
  4. Is Free Stop TRUE?
  5. Is Enable TRUE?
  6. Is the inverter going into Current Limit?
  7. Can you spin the shaft of the motor using your hand?
  8. What type of device is controlling the speed input? (potentiometer, Keypad, sensor)
  9. What is the control mode? (V/Hz, Sensorless Vector)
  10. Will the drive work using the keypad-only settings?
  11. Will the drive work in V/Hz control mode?
  12. Using the keypad Running Display (other values can be added with F131)
    1. Verify the following while the drive is enabled to run:
      • Output Speed Reference: _____ (FRQ LED lit)
      • Output RPM: _____
      • Output Current: A _____
      • Output Voltage: U _____
      • DC LINK VOLTS: u _____

3JAN2017 LS