Parker Hannifin
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What does it mean when my left LED is flashing 1 yellow and 5 green?

As of firmware version 3.11, the Aries drive will indicate an E54 (encoder loss) during autocommutaion with a pattern of 5 green and 1 yellow flashes of the left LED. The right LED will be red.

Here is  part of the release notes:

Drive will now fault with E54 (Encoder Loss) during auto-commutation if no encoder is detected (signified by both encoder phases being close to 0 volts). This Fault (E54) is signified by a new sequence of 5 green flashes and 1 yellow of the upper LEDs. An encoder loss fault will also occur if no encoder movement is detected during the final auto-commutation move.

The drive will now flash the lower LEDs green and red at approximately 2Hz during autocommutation.