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Compax3 Input, Technology and Control options (IxxTxxMxx part numbering)


Compax3 Input & Technology IxxTxxMxx
Analog Torque I10T10M00
Analog Velocity I10T10M00
Step & Direction (5volt) I10T10M00
Step & Direction (24volt) I10T10M00
Simple Indexer I12T11M12
Ethernet Powerlink I30T11M00
Ethernet TCP/IP* I30T11M00
EtherCAT I31T11M00
ProfiNet I32T11M00
DeviceNet I22T11M00
CANopen I21T11M00
ProfiBus I20T11M00
Standalone Drive Controller I11T30M00
Standalone Drive Controller with CAM I11T40M00
Standalone Drive Controller with CAM with Multi-Axis HEDA Master I11T40M10
Single axis HEDA follower/slave I12T11M10

See Compax3 catalog brochure for further description.

*Drive configuration only

Note: Category 3 Safe Torque Off (STO) is part of C3S and C3M. It is not offered on C3H.