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What are Interact Runtime modules?

Interact Application Modules, also referred to as modules, are optional components. Modules provide specific operator interface functionality, such as graphics, alarming, recipe management, etc. The user can choose just the functions or modules needed for each specific application.

Prior to Interact7, standard modules (PTM, GMM, AMM and NET) were included with all Powerstations. Other modules were optional and required an additional purchase. Interact 7 Runtime includes ALL modules with every PA2 Powerstattion.

Panel Toolkit Module (PTM)
Use PTM to construct a screen-based equivalent of traditional operator control panels. A library of over 30 panel tools modeled after standard hardwired devices is available.

Graphics Monitoring Module (GMM)
Use GMM to add free-form, animated graphics to PTM panels using CAD-like, graphic tools. Animation actions can be based on either discrete or analog values and include changes in size, color, location, orientation, and visibility. The ability to import the most common graphic formats is also supported by GMM. These formats include BMP, JPG, TIF, AutoCAD DXF, WMF, and PCX.

Alarm Management Module (AMM)
Use AMM to define alarm conditions and specify corresponding reporting, logging, and corrective actions. Alarms can be grouped for enhanced, alarm control and prioritized using five, color-coded, priority levels.

Recipe Module (RCM)
Use RCM to download, upload, edit, and store recipes online. A log of recipe alternatives is automatically stored.

Machine Configuration Module (MCM)
Use MCM to download, upload, edit, and store groups and lists online. These groups and lists run your processes, providing the settings and functions to produce your product. This module also keeps an automatic log of all changes in lists and groups and all activity.

Data Transfer Module (DTM)
Use DTM to exchange data at high speed between different control equipment by passing information among multiple, Interact device drivers.

Historical Trending Module (HTM)
Use HTM to view logged data online in tabular or line trend format. You can also view data off-line via popular computer packages.

Report Module (RPM)
Use RPM to create free-form reports that can be reviewed online, printed, and downloaded to a network or disk. Report functions include value minimum/maximum tracking, event counting and timing, and row/column sum and average.

User Program Module (UPM)
Use UPM to easily add your own features to an Interact application with a user-written, terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program that shares data with Interact.

Networking (NET)
Interact provides a NetBIOS, high-speed LAN that allows real-time data to be shared among multiple, Interact stations. The NetBIOS interface is implemented using the NetBIOS driver. This driver works with all major networking topologies and provides remote monitoring and control functions, the ability to share log files, and a connection between distant remote stations via modem.