Parker Hannifin
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How do I know what firmware revision my 590+ is?

  1. Depress the [E] button on the keypad until you see “DIGITAL DC DRIVE”
    1. The next line will show DC, 2Q or 4Q, and Current rating
    2. Press the [M] button until you see DIAGNOSTICS
    3. Press the down arrow until you see SYSTEM
    4. Press the [M] button - you will see SOFTWARE
    5. Press the [M] button - you will see ISSUE: (firmware revision)
  2. Remove the keypad and connect to the inverter using the CM351909 cable
    1. Open DSE Lite software
    2. Ensure you are using the correct COM PORT for your CM351909 cable connection
    3. Select the “Get info” button
    4. The type of drive and the firmware version will be displayed in the scratch pad

NOTE: Latest revision is 8.x.

14JUN2016 LS