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What are the differences between the 590 and 590+?

  1. Only the frame 1 & 2 590+'s has an AC input contactor.
  2. The keypad is detachable on all 590+ drives.
  3. The 590+ frame 1 & 2 has been repackaged for a smaller footprint.
  4. The frame 1 590+ has no external field connections for field weakening.
  5. The thermistor input is isolated on all 590+'s.
  6. 3-phase and auxiliary voltage connections are located at the bottom of the 590+.
  7. Digital output capacity has been increased to 100ma.
  8. Dynamic Brake Contactor, Control transformer are options on the 590+.Note: On frame 1 & 2 the isolated thermistor input is located on the fuse board. On frame 3 and bigger the thermistor input is on the control door.
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