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RS485: PC connections through B&B Electronics 485BAT3 to Aries

To connect a Windows PC via RS485 to an Aries servo drive, B&B Electronics ( makes a 485BAT3 RS232 to 422/485 converter.

From a 9pin COM port (or USB to RS232 adapter), connect straight through 9pin cable to the 485BAT3. 

From the 485BAT3 for 2wire communication:

TD (B+) tied to RD(B+) goes to pin 25  on Aries,

TD (A-) tied to RD(A-) goes to pin 26 on Aries,

GND goes to pin 24 on Aries

Switches: echo OFF, 485

Must cycle power with this connected for the Aries to power-up and detect RS485 communication.

For new Aries drive after 3.32 firmware, change RSMODE from 1 (RS232) to RSMODE0 (Auto detection) via an RS232 communication connection first and cycle power.

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