Parker Hannifin
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Interact: Error Initializing AMM - Invalid Logging Path

Getting an error initializing AMM because of an Invalid Logging Path?

This means that your project on your compact flash card is missing the LOG folder.  You can fix this one of two ways.


Place the Compact Flash Card in the PC and open using Windows Explorer. 

Next, open the Interact folder.

Open the Appfiles folder.

Open your project folder (named something which looks familiar to your application).

Inside of your project folder, right click and add a new folder.  Rename this folder LOG.

Put the card back into the HMI and boot up.


On your PC, open your C drive in Windows Explorer.

Open MachShop, then Projects, the Interact.

Inside of the Interact folder, you will see AppFiles... open Appfiles.

Inside of AppFiles, open your project folder. 

Place a LOG folder in this project folder.

Download the project to the card using the Machine Shop Toolbar.

1/18/13 kj