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Step Drive and Motor Compatibility Chart

This chart shows the compatibility between Compumotor micro-stepping drives and Compumotor stepper motors. Please read the notes at the bottom of the chart:

Stepper Motor / Drive Compatibility Chart

DriveCompatible Motors1
AAll A-Series, M-Series, and S106-205
CAll C-Series, S-Series (57mm and 83mm size only) 6, OS-Series (A Winding), RS-Series (B Winding)
E-ACES-Series, OS-Series, TS-Series, VS-Series
E-DCES-Series, OS-Series, TS-Series, VS-Series
GTES-Series, OS-Series, TS-Series, VS-Series
LEAll LE-Series, LN43-34
LNAll LN-Series, S-Series 2, ZETA Series, OS-Series, LE-Series
M 3All M-Series, A-Series
OEM750O-Series (A Winding), R-Series (B Winding), All OEM Series, S-Series4, ZETA Series4, C & CT Series, LN43-34
OEM650O-Series (A Winding), R-Series (B Winding), All OEM Series, S-Series in parallel4, ZETA Series in parallel4
OEM350All CT Series, LN43-34, S-Series7, ZETA Series
PDSAll S-Series, O-Series, R-Series (B Winding), T-Series(B Winding), ZETA Series, various A-Series5 and M-Series 5
PKAll S-Series, ZETA Series, O-Series (B Winding), R-Series (B Winding), various A-Series5, RM-Series
SAll S-Series, O-Series (B Winding), R-Series (B Winding), T-Series (B Winding), ZETA Series, various A-Series5and M-Series 5
ZETA4,8,12O Series (B Winding), R-Series (B Winding), T- Series(B Winding), ZETA Series, S-Series, various A-Series5and M-Series 5
ZETA4-240R Series-C Winding (@240VAC), R Series-B Winding (@120VAC), T Series-C Winding (@240VAC), T Series-B Winding (@120VAC), O Series-B Winding (@120VAC), all S Series (@120VAC), ZETA Series (@120VAC), various A-Series (@120VAC)5 and M Series (@120VAC)5

1 S-Series and ZETA series compatibility also refers to and includes the LN and QM Series motor lines.
2 The maximum current output of the LN drive is 2.2 amps. So larger S-Series motors, while compatible, are impractical for use, as they will be underpowered.
3 The drive must be matched to the motor via internal current-limiting resistors and potentiometers.
4 The maximum current output of the OEM650 is 7.5 amps, so the S106-178 and S106-250 motors will not able to achieve maximum rated torque.5 Most A- and M-Series motors have higher inductance values than the operating inductance range of the drive. As a result, peak torque output will be reduced. See the AX/SX Compatibility Guide, or call the Compumotor Applications Department regarding specific drive/motor combinations.
6 The S-Series motors are rated for use with a bipolar drive. When run with a unipolar drive, the series current rating for the S-motor being used must be multiplied by a factor of 1.414.
7 The maximum current output of the OEM350 drive is 2.0 Amps, so larger S series motors are impractical.
8 The drive's output bus voltage must be de-rated to 90VDC, as the C-Series motors are not designed to handle more than 90VDC max.