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Enable/disable the screen saver

In the Interact development software highlight the Application Manager folder under the Application Browser window, and then goto File, Interact Settings..., and then to the Screen Saver tab. Then check enable to activate the screen saver or uncheck enable to deactivate the screen saver.

In the runtime system, change to program mode in Interact, then select Interact Settings, Next Page, and then set Screen Saver to Yes to enable the screen saver or No to disable it.

PA2, P13 and custom IPC units do not suffer from screen burn-in like older LCD screens. Use of the screen saver is no longer recommended for use on these products.

Tags on panel objects are not polled when in screen saver. 

When using the ACREN communications driver, ensure that you have one or more tags that are monitored for alarms and/or for data transfer; otherwise, the connection to the ACR will be lost when the HMI enters the screen saver.