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Why is my Aries torque-drive clicking?

Velocity limit in a torque-drive...

The DMVLIM command sets the velocity limit on the Aries drive.

When the commanded torque exceeds the velocity limit the torque is turned off until the velocity drops below the limit. At this point the torque is again turned on to the full commanded amount. This causes a surging effect which can cause a clicking noise. Depending upon your gain settings this can become stronger.

To eliminate the clicking noise, raise your DMVLIM to a value above your peak velocity.

The DMVLIM can be set in the Aries Support Tool (AST). Select the Configuration manager, pick your motor file, and on step 3 of 4 change your velocity limit to the appropriate velocity. You can check your velocity by using the Aries Support Tool in the Status Panel window under the Numeric Status Tab.