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How do I add C3 IEC library? How do I install/change targets? 5830 3740 errors

Target files are libraries containing MC (PLCopen) and C3 function blocks. Target files are expanded and improved regularly with new features.

When opening IEC examples, if the Codesys target libraries do not exist on your computer, these errors will occur:

If you try to compile without the targets installed it will cause Error 3740 for the function blocks. Example:

If the program is set for the wrong target setting (ie the function blocks are using Cam functions in the T40 but you have the targets set for the T30 which do not support these), it can also cause this error:

5830 #1030 Invalid Operand 'EQ AXIS REF FIELDBUS' error
This error occurs when compiling.

or the 3740 error:


Targets not installed
1. Download and unpack the desired Target package. Use your Compax3 DVD, go to to download the target files.

2. Call up the "InstallTarget" program (Start Menu > 3S Software > CoDeSys v2.3 > Install Targets). Un-install all previous versions of the new target, if necessary.

3. Click Open and navigate to the unzipped target file (*.tnf):

4. Select target files on the left and install.

5. When installed correctly, they'll appear on the right:

Changing Codesys Program Target Settings
1. Open the program in Codesys.

2. Go to the Resources tab > Target Settings. Change via pulldown menu. If the pulldown only has None, then install targets. 

This needs to be set for the Compax3's drive configuration T30 or T40. On the main screen in Compax3 ServoManager software, open the .c3p file and it'll be the Software Device Type. A T40 program has additional CAM functions and thus has different libraries than the T30. If the T40 has been 'dumbed down' and configured as a T30, the Codesys targets needs to be set as a T30.

3. Compile (F11) and re-download the IEC program from C3 ServoManager to the C3.


updated 2/1/2013jh