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Remap CAN I/O for use with PLC

ReMapping CANOpen IO for use with a PLC

(this note applies to the AcroPLC programs in ACR9000,9040,9040 controllers. IEC PLC programs in 9600, 9630,9640 controllers do not have this limitation)

The CANopen I/O bits start at 11520 and continue up to bit 15615. Unfortunately at their default settings, they are out of range for the AcroPLC which is limited to bit 8191. In order to make them accessible in an AcroPLC program, the CANopen bits must be remapped to the Expansion I/O parameters (bits 256 through 511). Setting parameter P32771 to the number of slave nodes present will map the CAN I/O to the expansion I/O flags. This parameter default is 0, disabling the mapping feature.

To remap your I/O containing only one slave node enter the following code into your program, or terminal emulator:

P32771 = 1

The "Expansion I/O Flags" are labeled as such and can be viewed in the "Bit Status Panel" of ACRView.

An ESAVE is required to save this setting in non-volatile memory.