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Using CAM with PPU in user units (not counts)

The ACR controller's CAM tables must be stored in integer or "long" arrays (LA). Because of this requirement the cam table should be in motor steps or encoder counts to ensure accuracy.

When axes are set up via ACR-View, the user will most likely assign units that are applicable to the application, such as inches, millimeters, revolutions or degrees. If this is the case, just use the CAM SCALE command to have the controller automatically scale the cam tables to user units. This can be done easily by issuing the CAM SCALE command with a parametric evaluation based upon the PPU system parameter.

Axis 0's (in this example called "X") PPU parameter is P12375:

AXIS 0 CAM SCALE (1/P12375)
CAM SCALE X(1/P12375)