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Whats the difference between PIO-337 and PIO-347?

The PIO-337 is the standard CANopen bus coupler for the Parker-I/O system. A cheaper alternative is the PIO-347. The following table lists the differences between the PIO-337 "standard" and PIO-347 "econo" versions of this bus coupler.

Total I/O bits supported51232
24V Fieldside Power SupplyYesNo*
No. of PDO32 Tx / 32 Rx5 Tx / 5 Rx
Device profileDS-401, programmable error response, marginal check, edge-triggered PDOsDS-401, programmable error response
Input current500 mA260mA

In addition, the update rate of the PIO-347 is considerably slower than that of the PIO-337.

Base Update Rate1 ms5 ms
Each Add'l Digital Point15 us100 us
Each Add'l Analog Point40 us270 us

* The PIO-347 requires the additional purchase of a PIO-602 Power Supply module