Parker Hannifin
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Reboot in startup program

If the reboot command has been accidentally set within the startup program of an ACR9000, it will be continuously resetting when AC power is applied. To recover from this, the program memory will need to be reset:

1. Open a terminal emulator (such as HyperTerminal or Putty) and set to 9600, 8 data, 1 stop, no parity, and no flow control. Connect to the ACR9000's com1 port.

2. Power the ACR9000 while holding down the Ctrl and b keys. You should see and OSP> prompt.

3. Type: clear -user

This will completely clear the user programs and settings, including the IP address.

Cycle power on the ACR9000 and then you can connect with the default IP address (, subnet or via USB or serial. This will erase all user programs and you'll need to re-download the configuration, defines and programs using ACR-View.