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-EC Encoder Option Clarification for Step Motors

Please note that the -EC option for the TS and RS series include a 10-foot cable but has a 25-pin D-sub connector. The -E option for the S series step motors also include this connectorized encoder cable.

This connector is shown on the catalog page on our website at:

This pinout is for backwards compatibility for:
500, AT6400, 6200, 4000, PC21, and SX

For connecting to the 6K, there is a 1-foot adapter cable (305mm) to connect the 25pin D-sub to the 6K's 9pin D-sub. The part number is 71-018382-01

Though the S, Zeta and ES series step motors are electrically and mechanically the same motor, purchasing the Zeta with an encoder includes a flying lead 10-foot cable with a Zeta6000 screw terminal connector. The ES series step motor has flying leads but no Zeta connector since the part number is not Zeta specific.

If purchasing the Zeta motor with encoder option, as this could be a valid combination for use with the older indexer, the 25pin connector on the encoder is supplied. If a Zeta system is purchased with the drive and motor, such as ZETA6104-57-51-E, the encoder connector is removed and wired to the Zeta6104 encoder connector.

For new applications, it would be recommended to use the LV or HV series step motors. If an encoder is necessary, these are available as a custom product. This is a very easy custom for the factory to quote and is typically a short lead-time adder. The LV and HV step motors are typically a much quicker delivery than the TS and RS series step motors. The encoder provided would have a 10-foot cable but have flying leads.