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Free Online Training Videos: Parker ACR9000 programmable motion controller

Learn the powerful ACR9000 family of controllers including the Ethernet Powerlink ACR9030 & ACR9040

Includes answers to common questions throughout the series of videos
  • Hardware specifications, inputs/outputs
  • ACR-View software's easy Configuration Wizard and panels
  • AcroBasic programming
  • What is Ethernet Powerlink and how does this help machine builders and users?
  • Parker I/O expansion CANopen modules and how to automatically start this using AcroBasic
  • Online resources for limit sensor wiring, wiring flying lead linear motor positioners, Flash vs Battery Backed RAM, etc.

Note these videos are hosted in and would require access to this site. This is a 10 part video training in this play list.  For first time users, it'd be good to watch all in sequence. For experienced users needing a refresher or looking for specific information, the lessons are broken out below.

Alternately these videos are available on Parker University's training site.

Full playlist or individual videos below:



Further programming training available:

Free Online Training Videos: Parker AcroBasic - Programming Basics

1. ACR9000 series controllers, EthernetPowerlink controllers, EPL servo drives

ACR9000, ACR9030, ACR9040, ACR9600, ACR9630, ACR9640


2. ACR-View First Time Setup Configuration: Configuration Wizard

3. ACR-View Terminal Emulator

4. ACR-View Status Panels

5. ACR-View ServoTuner

6. Parker IO (PIO): Expansion Inputs & Outputs

7. Stopping Motion

8. Homing the axis in AcroBasic

9. Motion Profilers - Masters and Setpoint Summation for Interpolated, Jog, CAM and Gear moves

10. AcroPLC

Note the ACR9600 series controllers should be used for new applications which has full IEC61131-3 / PLCopen programming capability. If you configure in ACR-View the controller as ACR9600 the ACR PLC programs will not be displayed but rather the IEC program environment.