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Stealth PX / RX Tabletop or Flange Face Option

For applications needing high speed and high duty cycle rotary positioning tables that a worm drive table can't do, the Stealth series gearheads have an option for a flange face mounting.

The flange face option is available in PX or RX Stealth Gen II series in all ratios, and is designated as the "T01" option. Ordering example would be: PX115-010-T01S2 for an inline Stealth 115frame, 10:1 ratio, Standard backlash, GenII.

One benefit is that the load is directly driven, eliminating the compliance/windup from a coupling.

This can be used for table-top applications also, potentially eliminating the need for an additional bearing structure on the machine to support the load. The axial and radial loads would be the same as the standard Stealth gearheads, shown in the catalog.

Stealth Gen II In-line PX Gearhead

Stealth Gen II Right Angle RX Gearhead

Worm-driven stages are available only in higher ratios, starting at 36:1 and have lower efficiency, typically 40 - 60%. The Stealth series gearheads are 94 - 97% efficient and offered in ratios from 3:1 to 100:1 on inline models, 5:1 to 100:1 on right-angle models, giving user flexibility in motor choice and can be used in both low and high-speed applications.

Higher accuracy than standard Stealth performance is possible as custom. PS and RS series are NOT available due to the design of their output flange.

This is now an available option as a custom. Contact your local Parker Automation Technology Center for price quote & delivery.

The motor mounting kit would still be the same as the standard GenII gearhead and ordered as a second line item to the gearhead.

Parker's new flange-face gearhead now a standard option

Free download: Solid models (STP)