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Video: RP240 Recommended Replacement

The RP240 was a two line x 40 character display. It could operates directly with the Gemini series GV6K or GT6K, ZETA6104, SX and ZX Indexer/Drives, 500, 6200 and 6201 Indexers, 6250 Controller, and APEX6151/APEX6152/APEX6154 Servo Drive/Controllers. It communicated through a three-wire RS-232C port (RX, TX Ground).

The RP240 is obsolete and there is not a direct Parker replacement.

RSA/Global Controls has developed their GC240 as a dropin replacement for the RP240:




The PA2 dedicated HMI with Interact could be used as a replacement but would require program changes in the controller or drive/controller.

As these controllers and drive/controllers are obsolete or legacy, longer term, it may be more advantageous to upgrade the drive and controller as well. The XPRess panel is compatible with our ACR9000 series controllers, AriesController and Compax3.

We recommend contacting your local Parker Automation Technology Center distributor to discuss your machine and application requirements to determine the best upgrade path.

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