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X Language Products - Communication via RS232

Step by step instructions for installing X-Ware, connecting to an X product, and uploading and downloading:  XWare_How_to_UploadDownload.pdf


Below are steps to help troubleshoot RS232 communcation problems with X language products or help set up RS232 communications with these products. These steps are written in conjunction with XWARE 5.1. If you do not have XWARE 5.1, you can download it from our website.

  1. Set up correct connections between the Computer and the Compumotor Product:

    9 Pin Compumotor Product 25 Pin Compumotor Product
    Pin 2(Rx) Tx Pin 2(Tx) Rx
    Pin 3(Tx) Rx Pin 3(Rx) Tx
    Pin 5(GND) GND Pin 7(GND) GND

  2. Be sure to choose the correct Serial port of the computer in XWARE. This can be adjusted via pull down menu: TERMINAL, SETTINGS. After setting the correct Com port, connect to the terminal via pull down menu: TERMINAL, CONNECT. If you get a response such as "Device Not Ready or Echo Off, Do you still want to enter the Terminal?" - say yes to this. Go to step 3.

  3. Type the command 1R (be sure to use capital letters).
    1. If you get a response: *R or *S or *B or *C then you are now communicating
    2. If you cannot see the letters 1R as you type, go to step 4.
    3. If you can see the letters 1R as you type, but there is no response, go to step 5.
  4. Problem: No echo of commands
    1. Double check the connections between the computer and the Compumotor product(see step 1). Rx and Tx could be swapped. Ohm out the cable or complete a continuity check on the cable according to the connections in step 1.
    2. The echo on the product could be turned off. First type the command: K. Then type the command: SSA0. The SSA0 command turns the echo on in the product. After this go back to step 3.
    3. You may have chosen the wrong Com port in XWARE. Change the Com port(see step 2).
    4. Perform a "Loop Back" test to verify the Com port:
      • Disconnect Rx and Tx on the Compumotor product
      • Short Rx and Tx wires together
      • While these two connections are shorted, type any characters
      • If you do not see any of these characters , you have a bad cable, you chose the wrong Com port or your Com port is not working
      • If you do see characters, then Rx and Tx were swapped. Rewire Rx and Tx opposite of previous wiring then go back to step 3.

  5. Problem: Commands are echoing, but no response from Compumotor product.
    1. The device address on the product could be wrong. Try a different address by typing 8R(this is the default for some OEM products), or 2R or 3R or ... For OEM products, type the command "#1". This will automatically set the first device to 1. After this, go back to step 3.
    2. You have a short in the cable. Perform a continuity test or ohm out your cable to verify the connections(go to step 1)
    3. Disconnect Rx and Tx and Gnd from the Compumotor product. Type any characters in the Terminal. If you are still seeing the characters you are typing, then you could have a short your cable (go back to step 1). Or, you chose the wrong Com port. Try the other Com port (go back to step 2).