Parker Hannifin
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Configure a TCP/IP direct Ethernet connection

Complete the following on the MachineShop Toolbar and MachineShop Shell:

MachineShop Toolbar:

  • Right click on the 'Network Neighborhood' icon on the desktop and select 'Properties'. The 'Network' dialog will appear.

  • Select the 'Configuration' tab. The list will contain several items.

  • Select the TCP/IP item for your Ethernet Network Interface Card and click on the 'Properties' button. The 'TCP/IP Properties' dialog will appear. Select the 'Specify an IP address' radio button and specify an IP address and Subnet Mask; however. The IP Address cannot specify the same network that will be configured for the Dial-Up Adaptor connection ( Provided the computer will not also exist on a company network any network definition other than 10.0.0.X can be used. For example, the IP Address can be set to and the Subnet Mask set to

    MachineShop Shell:

    Using the Powerstation and the MachineShop Shell software, TCP/IP should be configured to exist on the same network as the MachineShop Toolbar. For example, if the IP Address of the MachineShop Toolbar is set to and the Subnet Mask is set to; the PowerStation can be configured as follows (default configuration COM1):

  • IP Address:
  • IO Mask:
  • Interface: NE2000 ('I82557' for PA, PA2, P13; ODI for HPC, IPC)
  • IRQ: 10 (not applicable for PA, PA2, P13, HPC, IPC)
  • Port: 280h  (not applciable for PA, PA2, P13, HPC, IPC)