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XPR/XPR2 Flashback Utilities

The flashback utilities are used to restore an existing HMI to its original factory settings.  The flashback utility will erase the contents on the card and restore the necessary powerstation files.  To restore your application, you will need to download your project using Interact Xpress Manager.


Things to keep in mind:

1.      You MUST have a compact flash card reader in order to flash the card back to factory defaults. A compact flash card reader can be purchased from a local electronics store, Best Buy or Wal-Mart (where available).

2.      The flash back utility WILL erase everything from the card.  It is critical to make sure you have a back up of your application PRIOR to flashing back.

3.      It is important to make sure your flashback utility version and your application version match.  If you cannot ensure they match (ie, 2.1.5 project with 2.1.5 flashback utility), you must make sure that the project version is NOT greater than the flashback utility (ie, 2.1.7 project with 2.1.5 flashback utility).  This version mismatch will throw a firmware incompatibility error.  The resolution to this error is to flash your compact flash back using the 2.1.7 utility and then download the application again.

4.      XPR and XPR2 8-15 inch screens use different flashback utilities between hardware platforms.  XPR06 and XPR206 use the same hardware and therefore the same flashbacks.

5.      XPR2 series requires flashback utilities for Xpress Manager 2.1.6 or higher.


Flashback utilities by version:

Xpress Manager 2.0.4 Hotfix2 for XPR06

Xpress Manager 2.0.4 for XPR8-15

Xpress Manager Version 2.1.4 (files for all XPRs included)

Xpress Manager Version 2.1.6

Xpress Manager Version 2.1.7

Xpress Manager Version 3.1


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created 4/3/13 KJ

added 3.1 - 4/13/16jh