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How to order InteractX Upgrades

Existing users of InteractX can take advantage of new feautures by upgrading to newer versions. In general, upgrades within a major revision number do not require a upgrade license (for example, moving from 3.0 to 3.5) while moving to a higher major revision (from 1.92 to 3.0) DOES require the upgrade according to the chart below.

In some cases, the user may need to purchase two upgrade packages in order to move to version 4.0.

InteractX Software Type Upgrade to Exisiting Version Order this
Development 4.x 3.x IUP-7040-1
Development 4.x 2.x IUP-7030-1 and IUP-7040-1
Development 4.x 1.x IUP-7030-2 and IUP-7040-1
Development 3.x 2.x IUP-7030-1
Development 3.x 1.x IUP-7030-2
Development 2.x 1.x IUP-7020-1
Runtime 4.x 3.x IUP-7140-1
Runtime 4.x 2.x IUP-7130-1 and IUP-7140-1
Runtime 4.x 1.x IUP-7130-2 and IUP-7140-1
Runtime 3.x 2.x IUP-7130-1
Runtime 3.x 1.x IUP-7130-2
Runtime 2.x 1.x IUP-7120-1