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How to Convert an AriesCE to AriesPE (AriesEPL)

1. Open ACR-View. Create a project with an AriesController AR-xxCE, or open an existing AriesController project. 

In the Project Workspace the AriesController (default name ARxxCE), set the IP address for the unit.

Default is 192.168.100.x   --where x is the address based on the dial switches on the front of the AriesController

ie,   if   x1 is 1, x10 is 0, then the ip address of the AriesCE is


2.  Then click connect. The AriesCE auto-detects straight-through or crossover cable.

Note:  the PC's IP address should be set to 192.168.100.x  --where x is something different than the AriesCE address or other devices on the network.

This is set in Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties > Use the following IP address:

Subnet mask should be set to

Leave Default gateway: blank.

If connection is succesful, ACR-View shows this in the message box below:

2. Tools > OS Update >

3. Click Update ACR OS...

4. Navigate to the AriesEPL .ops firmware file.

These files (latest version and previous)  are on our website here:

5.  ACR-View will perform a FLASH RES to clear system memory.

6.  OS will be saved to flash memory:

7. Status: Download successfully completed.  Reboot Controller:

8. After reboot, the unit is now an AriesEPL which does not have a TCP/IP port connection and thus, you will get Error: Rebooting Controller TimeOut from ACR-View.

You may now connect it to an ACR9000-EthernetPowerlink controller (ACR9030, ACR9040) or ACR9600-EthernetPowerlink controller (ACR9630, ACR9640) to the EPL port to configure in ACR-View with that controller's project. Use the configuration wizard to download the motor configuration through the ACR9000 controller to the AriesEPL drive.


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