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Cable to Adapt G2 and G1 Motors to G3

This FAQ assumes your Generation 1 motor is compatible with a Generation 3 drive.  See the link at the bottom to evaluate compatibility.

Here are two cables that are helpful that adapt the G1 or G2 Dynaserv motor encoder cable (8pin Honda connector) to the Dynaserv G3 CN2 feedback connector (PCR-S20F):

example To connect DR1008B-115 motor (or DRG21008B-115) to DRG3-1008B-DO, use cable part number: G3-ADAPTER-DR

example To connect DM1015B-115 motor (or DMG21015B-115) to DMG3-1015B-DO, use cable part number: G3-ADAPTER-DM

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glh  10/3/12