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What Components Come with a Typical Parker Bayside ServoMount Mounting Kit?

Stealth Planetary gearheads employ Parker Bayside's patented ServoMountTM integrated mounting kit. ServoMountTM features an integrated rear housing adapter and a balanced, pre-installed pinion. The pinion is mounted and supported in it's own "floating" bearing in the rear housing of the gearhead. The unique arrangement of the pinion bearing compensates for any motor shaft run-out or misalignments. ServoMountTM allows for error-free installation of Stealth planetary gearheads to any servo motor. This completely sealed design provides for optimum servo performance and longer life.  The patented clamp-on pinion design used in the ServoMountTM is a single piece, balanced split collar pinion. The geared pinion is clamped over the motor shaft, allowing for easy, error-free assembly and small package size, resulting in higher system performance.

A typical ServoMountTM mounting kit contains the following components:

  • Adapter plate
  • Shaft Bushing
  • Motor Mounting Screws

The following exploded view shows pictorial representation of how the above components work to adapt your specific motor to our Parker Bayside Gearhead.  Each component in the mounting kit is sized to the dimensions of your specific motor.  The adapter plate centers the motor's pilot to the input of the gearhead. The shaft bushing gets inserted into the gearhead's input pinion bore and the inside diameter is precision machined to fit the outside diameter of the motor shaft.  The motor mounting screws affix the motor to the adapter plate.  Once the motor is mounted to the Parker Bayside gearhead, it is a simple matter of tightening the collar clamp through the access hole in the adapter plate to clamp the motor shaft tightly to the input of the Parker Gearhead.


Each ServoMountTM mounting kit has its' own unique part number, and gets ordered on a

separate line item from the gearhead part number. When ordered with a gearhead, the kit comes

pre-assembled to the gearhead. Use the Mounting Kit Search Tool to match your motor with

the appropriate mounting kit.

je 03/24/14