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Bayside Gearhead Rotation Direction

Rotation Direction Definition

Point of reference is facing the gearhead output flange, and facing the motor output flange. The below drawings of right angle gearheads illustrate points of reference and direction of rotation conventions. 

The shaft rotations for the Stealth series gearheads is the same as the input for the inline, opposite for the right-angle units.

All ratios and all frames of Stealth MultiDrives are similar to the 5:1 ratio on the RA series and will turn in the same direction compared to the input motor shaft.

The tables below the drawings show gearhead output shaft rotation direction for the Nema Series and PG/RA Series gearheads.


Note - the 40:1 ratio was not a standard ratio for the PG/RA series but was sold as a custom option on occasion.  For the PG the 40:1 will have the same rotational scheme as the 30:1 ratio shown here.