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Torque Control Sample - Useful IEC Functions (for Codesys and Compax3 with Interact Xpress Panels)

The following is a project designed for opening in the Codesys software when developing Compax3 (T30 or T40) IEC programs. 

To open this function in the Codesys environment, first download the file and extract the files within, then open the project file in Codesys. 

The .lrp file is the Interact Xpress project to be used with the XPR/XPR2 products and can be opened using the Interact Xpress Manager software.  It provides an example of interfacing to the Compax3 and using the Recipe Tool.

Torque Control Sample - Screw Tightening Scenario

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this example is to illustrate the use of the torque block (C3_Torque_Control) for torque/force control integrated with normal position based moves.  See the README file included for more details.

Input0 = Enable
Input1 = Go Home
Input2 =
Input3 = Start
Input4 =
Input5 = HW End of Travel Limit
Input6 = HW End of Travel Limit
Input7 = Home Reference

Output0 = Enabled/Disabled Indicator
Output1 = At Zero (Home)
Output2 = At Torque
Output3 = Move Stopped  

Torque Control Start Position (REAL) at Col1, Row1
Optional Stopping Position (REAL) at Col2, Row1
External Start (INT) at Col3, Row1
External Go Home (INT) at Col4, Row1
Torque Limit (DINIT) at Col9, Row1
Time at Torque (REAL) at Col1, Row2
Torque Control Velocity Limit (REAL) at Col2, Row2
Velocity for Positioning Moves (REAL) at Col1, Row3
Cycle Dwell Time (REAL) at Col2, Row3
Batch Count (INT) at Col3, Row3
External Start Batch (INT) at Col4, Row3

glh 2/5/13