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P series with low voltages or 120vac

To operate the P series drives at low DC voltages, in the Drive Support Tool software (version 0.81 or later), hold the Alt key and then click the Engineering Setup (blue down arrow icon in toolbar).

This will open a window allowing users to click a check box for DC input:

This allows the standard drive to operate at 24, 48 or 80volts for the new mSR080 miniature square rail linear servo positioner or other low voltage motors.

Then click the Flash Save button (EEPROM icon).


DO NOT apply AC voltage to the drives mains connections L1, L2, L3


1.Remove factory installed jumper from PO/PI
2.Apply 24-80VDC to PI and N
3.Control power C1/C2 requires 110-230VAC single phase
For 120vac operation for the PD-04 (400watt) power levels, AC wiring is the same as the single phase wiring 220vac in the user manual.
The drives should already be set for 120vac wiring with above menu set but may need to be reset if user has changed this or in event of factory reset or firmware update.

Note - if operating with the mSR or other motors at lower bus voltages (like 24V or 48V) you will find the default current loop gain settings to be more aggressive than desired.  The symptom will be a high frequency audible noise from the motor when enabled due to this default current loop gain.  This gain can be lowered using the P Series Drive Support software in the "Trace / Trigger Monitor" screen via the Gain Window button.  See screen shot below.  For 48Vdc bus voltages, a value around 50% will be appropriate and for 24Vdc bus voltages a value of around 25% will be appropriate.
glh 7/2017 update
2/10/17jh updated with 120vac


update 8/25/16 jw